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Beach Bar

Perfect easy-going beach destination

Chill out and embrace the barefoot beach vibe of ‘Caña by Tamoka’, our ‘Palapa’ beach bar. Drift off to the sounds of the ocean, savor our laid-back snacks and discover exciting mixology - all from Latin America. Caña by Tamoka is the perfect easy-going beach destination for an irresistibly lazy lounge day or a sunset moment.

Caña by Tamoka is open daily from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

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Hours of Operation

Daily 4:00pm / 10:00pm

Caña by Tamoka Menu

Caña by Tamoka Menu

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Feeling peckish? Experience one-of-a-kind Latin American street food directly from the Cañavan. The bites menu include caravan-style Pollo Jerk - jerk chicken, Choripan - Argentinian style beef sausage on a corn roll, and Boniato Frito - signature charred sweet corn. From Monday to Thursday, the ‘Cañavan’ menu is available between 4 pm to 8 pm. And from Friday to Sunday, enjoy ‘Cañavan’ from 4 pm to 9 pm.

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Stories from Caña by Tamoka

Who We Are

Caña by Tamoka is the little sister of Tamoka - an easygoing beach hub that is fun, unconventional, and witty. It offers a barefoot beach experience that revolves around Caribbean themed snacks and drinks in an
easy-going atmosphere.

Caña stands for ‘Sugar cane’ in Spanish which is one of the main ingredients to produce rum. Also, ‘Caña’ refers to the typical beach hut roofs in the Caribbean often made from sugar cane, which is what the experience resembles - a laidback, spontaneous and playful beach destination.

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